About Our Company

Our Arizona-based nutraceutical company develops and markets a distinctive line of superior quality and high-efficacy products for the global marketplace. Our health portfolio offers research validated bio-active ingredients / finished product solutions that are of the highest potency and which  greatly impact their respective health categories . The science validated ingredients are supplied to contract packagers which may be in the food, beverage or nutraceutical space.  These firms manufacture finished products for their customers .
We also develop our own finished products for the global marketplace in the form of capsules, tablets, soft gels, powders and gummies. These are marketed to physicians, state/public hospitals, pharmacy chains, brick and mortars, online platforms, B2B, B2C, Private Label, White Label and other points of sale.
We help our partners create their next great science-backed innovation.

Nature-derived, Science-driven Ingredients & Finished Product Solutions